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Miami Dreaming
  • Find a location in Pizzo District (when he wins)

  • If I choose NMB, I also know a commissioner there 

  • Art space, open studio shared space (for me, Iza, and a few others, like senior studios at WHS) 

    • Include a dance space for Iza! ​

  • Have a cat cafe section, where art and cat platforms decorate the walls

  • Have a front display area or two, where dogs can hang out with cats, chill, and invite people in. 

  • In the parking lot, have the mobile spay clinic, that can double as adoptable featured. Need to get the one that has the pop up overhang and you can see in to the cages

  • Could do events around the area, like Sweat and Chirchills etc

  • Def build an outdoor section where the cats can go out, so litter can stay outside to control smell. 

  • Having a small dog run would be great too

  • Have a little thrift area too? 

  • I want swings inside

  • I can use the shorelines in the back, for kitten quarantine 

  • Can have a spot where a food vendor has a spot.. so i don't have to deal w it

  • Could also have screens that are flshing adoptables everywhere I sponsor, like bars, cafes, everywhere 

Other ideas
  • Nido reunion vacation, maybe rent a house in the keys
  • get a house for Dio and Iza, animals
  • Approach Jake about going in on a business 
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